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Book collectors can add to their inventory by purchasing from yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, secondhand stores or auctions, among other means.

Some book collectors have their favorite method of acquiring books for their inventory. The collector may focus on the convenience of getting the item, they may consider price, availability of a particular genre, or prefer acquiring an author’s collective works. Although some collectors prefer to acquire books from an auction, that can be too costly an endeavor for some.  I prefer attending estate sales for the best quality and price for my collection.

I began attending estate sales by subscribing to EstateSales.net which required me to choose which counties in California I am interested in receiving advance notice of sales.  Alternatively, one can attend an estate sale which is advertised in any neighborhood and sign-up with the organizer of the sale to be notified of future estate sales they may have.  When I look in my email weekly (usually on Thursdays) I can see the upcoming estate sales, offered by EstateSales.net, which are scheduled to be held on the weekend.  I have the option of scrolling through the listings and reviewing the pictures of what will be sold.  Usually, I take time to read the listing of what they have to offer, and when I see they have “loads of books” or an entire wall of filled bookcases…I positively drool at that because I know i’m bound to find something I want, something I find interesting either for myself or for my partrons.  It is important to note that prices are cut in half on items being sold on the last day of the sale.

In this current economy, people find it best to avoid paying retail as much as possible.  Estate sales are still a viable way for people to acquire items in good condition that are affordable.

My future goal is to attend more estate sales in distance venues…whether in other counties, out-of-state or abroad.