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Eddie and Louella by Carolyn Haywood

The Eddie and Louella book series written by Carolyn Haywood was my favorite book collection to read from as a child. It was at the age of 8 in Third grade that I initially knew I loved reading so much that it was, and still is, my favorite pastime. I would spend countless hours tucked away in a corner of my house reading on the weekend. This series is about a boy named Eddie and shows him interacting with his friends Boodles, Anna Patricia, Betsy, Officer Kilpatrick and details Eddie’s antics with his pet Louella the parrot.

The entire series of books include:

B is for Betsy
Two and Two are Four
Betsy and Billy
Primrose Day
Back to School with Betsy
Here’s a Penny
Betsy and the Boys
Penny and Peter
Little Eddie
Penny Goes to Camp
Eddie and the Fire Engine
Betsy’s Little Star
Eddie and Gardenia
The Mxed-Up Twins
Eddie’s Pay Dirt
Betsy and the Circus
Eddie and his big deals
Betsy’s Busy Summer
Eddie makes Music
Betsy’s Winterhouse
Eddie and Louella
Annie Pat and Eddie
Snowbound with Betsy
Here comes the bus
Eddie’s Green Thumb

Author Carolyn Haywood was an American author and illustraor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She published 47 children’s books, the Eddie and Betsy series are her most notable published works.