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One publication currently on sale in my etsy store GenreReads is titled:
“Gregg Dictation Simplified” authored by Louis A. Leslie and Charles E. Zoubek; published by The Gregg Publishing Company, Copyright 1949.

When originally published, this book was intended to: help students review and strengthen their knowledge of the system, help the student build shorthand, and to prepare a foundation for building skill in transcribing shorthand taken.

Most likely this book was used for a second-level course with learning how to write in shorthand, being the initial course.

Gregg Dictation Simplified contains 516 business letters which are organized into 80 assignments offered within 16 chapters. All assignments are categorized as:

Word Family Drills

Phrasing Drills

Accuracy Drills

Geographical Expressions

In recent times, shorthand is still used to some degree, however, modern offices tend to use a Dictaphone for transcription. The purchase of this book can be a great gift for a collector of vintage office tools.

Gregg Dictation coverGregg Dictation Assignment 18