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An artist whose work I enjoy, Pam Garrison, creates using watercolors, freehand drawings and does some needle crafting including embroidery.

I am noticing that people whose creativity I often admire, as shown on their blogs, are those who paint. I personally like to sew and have been doing so since middle school in the 1970’s. In two of my previous blogs I wrote about the work of Anahata Katkin and Beatrix Potter. I believe part of my fascination lies on admiring their ability to create something from scratch or rather, share with us what is going on in their head. Sewing for me, by comparison has involved recreating an item from a predesigned pattern made by someone else. I am not of the expertise, yet, where I can create a garment without a pattern.

In my quest for adding to my arsenal of what I create, I am currently learning embroidery stitches. The book I have acquired for my personal collection is titled “Embroidery” by Karen Elder. This publication contains suggestions on how to care for embroidery, outline stitches, filling stitches and adding embellishments. It appears many of the stitches are easy to learn but there are some that may prove to be very tricky.

On Pam Garrison’s blog, she shows a sheet of burlap-type of fabric with successfully executed, beautiful stitching on it with a more recent post showing a baby quilt she made in March; this embroidering is what I aspire to be able to do. As with anything, I must make time in my schedule to practice these stitches because it can take hours to do this in one day.

She can be found at http://www.pamgarrison.typepad.com