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I have the following books on sale on Etsy at Genre Reads:

Functional Method Dictation by Louis A. Leslie by Gregg Publishing Co. in 1947; Focuses on increasing shorthand speed; $ 7.00

Writing and Thinking by Norman Foerster and J.M. Steadman Jr., University of Alabama publishing in 1952; The principles of this book are twofold: to help the college student improve their ability to communicate in writing involving their mental process and the use of the English language. Also, to present facts of current English usage that are usually needed in a composition course; $ 8.00

Logic and Language Edited by A.G.N. Flew – lecturer in King’s College, Aberdeen; Total of 206 pages, hardcover. Contains 10 chapters. First Series, Edited by Antony G.N. Flew a lecturer in Philosophy at King’s College in Aberdeen. Printed in Great Britain for Basil Blackwell & Mott Limited by A.R. Mowbray & Co. Limited in the City of Oxford; $ 7.00LogicLanguage front coverFunctional dictation coverWritingThinking cover