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I am currently reading books about quilting that I find quite interesting including “The Winding Ways Quilt” by Jennifer Chiaverini.  My next read by the same author is “A Quilter’s Holiday”.

I personally have only made on wall-hanging quilt to date but intend to try and make a larger quilt when I update my sewing machine.

The fascination with quilting has seen a resurgence in recent decades as it is now considered folkart, a part of storytelling, an extension of personal creativity and a way of handing down a family heirloom to children and grandchildren.

While learning about the members of the Elm Creek Quilt Guild, I found their personal history and friendship warming.  One quilter’s daughter in particular, Gwen, began to dismantle a discarded pineapple quilt found in a box only to discover it’s history stems from a prominent family from Richardsport, Kentucky.  The history of the family and the quilt unfold after she does research at the local library.

Any reader would greatly enjoy this story and any of the several others written by Ms. Chiaverini.