I am one of those people who has tried operating within a budget for years.  Many of the methods that are written about somehow seemed to lack personalization–at least for me any.

I recently joined a group headed by Tiffany Aliche known as The Budgetnista.  Her method makes budgeting fun and contagious.  She teaches a method of Setting a goal, devising a date to reach the goal, planning how to achieve it and sharing it with someone to be held accountable.  I realize she uses techniques that others may have used before but somehow the combination of how she presents it is creative.

As a result of being in this group for only three weeks, i’ve already devised and implemented several of her suggestions including monitoring my credit more closely.

Another benefit of the group is how we all learn from each other and get pointers on what methods have worked best for us.  As one other group member stated, it has become contagious and she can’t help but read what the group is discussing daily.  Many, if not all of us are reading this site more often than the regular facebook page.

What was once a chore for me to do, is now actually fun.

The website you can find her on is http://www.thebudgetnista.biz