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Frank Yerby, an African-American author, wrote several books among which include: The Golden Hawk, The Saracen Blade, Benton’s Row and The Treasure of Pleasant Valley. These four published books are currently for sale @GenreReads on Etsy.

The Golden Hawk – Published by Dial Press in New York; Copyright 1948; Typography by Meyer Wagman; 312 pages in total. Twenty-Eight Chapters. According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database), made into a move in 1952. This story tells of the seafaring adventures of French privateer Kit ‘The Hawk’ Gerardo during the Franco-Spanish-English war of the 17th century. In the movie adaptation, Director: Sidney Salkow; Writers: Robert E. Kent (written for the screen by), Frank Yerby (based on the novel by). Stars: Rhonda Fleming, Sterling Hayden.

The Saracen blade, was also adapted into a film. According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) the plot of this story is: Pietro is an orphan who is raised by a family friend in 15th century Italy. When the friend is killed by the same nasty baron who murdered Pietro’s father as he led the peasants in revolt against the baron’s tyranny, Pietro vows vengeance against the entire family.

For this film which debuted on June 6, 1954 the Director was William Castle; Writers included De Vallon Scott, George Worthing Yates and Frank Yerby.
Film Credits: Sam Katzman, producer; Henry Freulich; Cinematography; Gene Haylick, Editing, Paul Palmentola, Art Direction.