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I have decided to return to school to complete my B.A. degree in English.  After much consideration to the cost of accumulating student loans, and balancing that with other parts of my life including working toward a home purchase, finishing school may seem daunting. Because  I feel the need to have the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a major life goal, i’ve applied for an Online English degree program at a reputable school.

I completed my AS degree from University of Phoenix a few years ago.  I have, however, chosen to complete my degree at what I deem a more traditional school on the East Coast.  I’m still waiting to hear whether i’m accepted or not so I don’t want to jump the gun by saying “which” school.

I recently began to organize my binder in preparation for the syllabus, assignment list, class calendar and other documents and to arrange my study area.  I also came across an ebook sold by Sara Laughed titled “How to Succeed in College”  which retails for $ 8.95.  Two of her chapters deal with Motivation and Procrastination…two areas of concern for me that prevented me from finished school when I was younger.  She also mentions in one other chapter how to take Cornell notes, which look promising as a tool I could benefit from.  I believe I will enjoy the advice she offers and look forward to applying it to my studies.

As I embark on this journey, I look forward to learning new things and embracing what I believe to by my life’s purpose of becoming a librarian.  I wish other students well, especially mature adults like myself who are returning to school.