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I previously wrote about returning to school to receive my B.A. in English which is an achievement I hadn’t completed in my youth.

After going through the somewhat nerve-wracking process of submitting my application and waiting to hear if i’m accepted I will begin my journey in the Spring of 2017 at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell Online program in English.

To say i’m excited is, of course, an understatement.  As stated previously, I am organizing my binders ahead of time with all the help I could find.  On the internet, I found many “free” pdfs of pages to help me organize and prepare for:  exam/study prep, reading lists, assignment list, weekly planner, and a project planner–to name a few.

Whether I am a particular type of learner that requires things to be organized to facilitate learning or not, I just really appreciate organization in as much of my life as possible.  Some of the websites I found “freebies” on were:  Saralaughed and  Just a Girl and her Blog.

Finally, i’m using the remainder of the year to complete organizing my desk area so I won’t be distracted by too much clutter or unfinished business like filing paperwork, etc.

Bye for now.