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I am half way through my first semester of college, working toward my B.A. in English at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  I chose this school because I preferred a traditional college with an online Bachelors Program in English, which offers literature courses while still being affordable.

I enrolled in:  Spanish (since 4 semesters of a foreign language are required), College Writing and for my History class I chose Nazi Germany.  Not that i’m usually interested in Nazi Germany, but i’ve taken my share of American History classes and I wanted to venture out and try something unusual and challenging.

My Spanish class lasts 10 weeks out of the 15 week semester so i’m almost done with that class.  The variance in the length of classes will make it nice and allow me to shift my time and allow for more concentration in the other two subjects i’m taking.

My grades, thus far are more than decent; which i’m very proud of.  I like the balance I have among the classes.  History requires a lot of reading and a little writing; English requires a little reading and whole lot of writing-editing-revisions etc.; and Spanish requires a lot of studying and use of an online textbook which I like.

Overall I am enjoying school and feel that my preparation ahead of time was necessary but i’m not using every handout I printed…though it’s good to have them.  Hopefully, with the grades I have so far,  I intend to maintain them and i’ll see if a scholarship or grant are in my future.