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I’m currently in Week 3 of a 10-week English class about Horror as a genre.  One of the texts we are using for at least one assignment of “Everything’s Eventual” by Stephen King.  The story we examined is “The Road Virus Heads North” which I found to be a unique concept, an interesting read and difficult to put down.  This publication ‘Eventual’ has 14 dark tales and whether it’s required for the course to read the whole book or not, I intend to read each one in my own time.  I will now add Stephen King to one of the many authors whose works i’ll read and can’t wait to go to my local used bookstore “Bookman’s” in Tustin to buy his collection.

In the beginning of the semester I wasn’t sure about this genre for me but I already knew I liked suspense, now horror can be added to that list of what I like to read.

On another note, I have a another class that required me to highlight and take notes electronically on a kindle version of a book then save those notes to Evernote and post them electronically to Blackboard for an online class.  Let’s just say i’m frustrated to say the least because it wasn’t working for me.  When I get any instructions on how to work technology, I can’t follow quick explanations–I need the person doing the explaining to give me time to view my screen at each step to make sure i’m on the right page OR the right part of the page.  I’m concerned because I could have gotten 100 points on this exercise and darn it at the last minute all I could do was save everything onto a blank MS Word page and attach it but i’m not satisfied with that.  Even though the assignment was turned in, i’m still intending on trying again to make it work.

This is a reminder that not everything is going to work as I want it to but it’s pretty unusual for me not to get something to work–as I don’t usually have difficulty following directions.

Overall, school is very busy as I took 4 classes this semester whereas I took 3 last semester.  I feel as though I am really having to focus on alloting my extra time to make sure I pay adequate attention to all my classes.  Thankfully Spanish had some success this week with a few quizzes I took and passed.

Bye for now.